Personal Image Enhancement & Grooming Workshop @ Civil Service Institute, Brunei

It was a great honour to be invited by Brunei's Civil Service Institute to conduct a customized 3-day workshop called Personal Image Enhancement and Grooming. These 3 days workshop (29, 30 November - 1 December) focused on three main aspects - Power Appearance, Power Etiquette and Power Communication.

The programme began with a simple evaluation on the participants' current personal grooming skills. Ms. Mary then emphasized on how each participant can develop overall professional image that command respect and trust by mastering the aspects introduced earlier. After recognizing the areas to be enhanced, the discussion went further when Ms. Mary showed usable guidelines and plans of action in maintaining powerful image.

"Time flies when everyone is having fun", that was how the participants described the 3-day workshop. It was packed with hands-on practices, sharing and presentation sessions which not only enhanced the participants' overall grooming skills, also increased their confidence to present themselves at their best.